Educated Employees Make Better Decisions Today’s manufacturing environment is demanding; more throughput, better quality, tighter tolerances and less downtime - all at lower cost.

Customers often tell us that one of their biggest challenges is finding and retaining skilled people. Fewer young people are choosing to pursue careers that require skills in math, science and technology, all while machine tool technology advances.

The solution - Educate!

Education benefits everyone.

Unlike informal or on-the-job training, structured training with specific objectives yields measurable results. It instills self-reliance, confidence and problem solving skills, expanding an employee’s knowledge and value to the organization. Companies benefit by meeting production requirements while staying current with technology. We benefit when a piece of our equipment reaches its full potential; resulting in a satisfied, productive customer.

We offer training in four CNC machine tool disciplines; Machine Operation, Process Development, Programming and Maintenance. Instruction compliments our three product lines; Multi-Axis Grinding, Laser and Waterjet systems, assuring you get the most from your equipment.

We can also tailor training to meet you specific needs and objectives.

For more information and to discuss your specific requirements please contact Doug Childers at 803.222.4561 ext. 1330

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